Destroy All Forms Of Oppression

by FaceOfAnother

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This was our first recording and was achieved with very poor equipment. Totally raw sound.


released January 1, 2012




FaceOfAnother Edinburgh, UK

...The mortuary of civilization stacks corpses, the masses only reproduce instead of destroying their chains, an effigy spoke to me through the shadows, my brothers! Hear my cry...

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Track Name: Social Grave
It came upon our heads
it didn't come all of a sudden
this social grave is the constant corruption's face
capitalism bites hard you and me
...but in money we trust
so we have a fucking god...
Track Name: Words Of Solidarity
The most precious moment
the most beautiful moment
it's when we stand together
side by side
with our own lives for weapons
in order to rethink and regain
our dignity and freedom
giving all the power
in order
to take back our lives
and organize them on a different way
Track Name: Violence In The Name...Of Nothing
We never wanted darkened cities
and darkened fields
we never dreamed darkened cities
and darkened fields
...the fascist scum waves the flag
of our darkest hour
using violence
in the name of...nothing
the fool follows
corruption grows
a big lie
sleep tight
but fascism and oppression
come for the ''different'' first
for all later
Track Name: Fake Profit Makes Real Wars
War is not an image
from a far away future always happens near you and me, in front of you and me
it's the total devastation of freedom
(all of them) FAKE profit
ending to REAL wars multiple ways
smashed lifes
from corrupted lies
fight back
cause a ''pointless'' struggle
is better than a pointless life
Track Name: Ideological Confusion
Choosing side
is not as easy as it seems
as you try to organize
your will for freedom
you find ideological conformism
already spoken ideas for a thousand times
and a certain way to resist
an altered way sounds strange

...but we have to evolve
our thoughts and ideologies
day by day
and be prepared for what is coming
cause protest
is a general way to prove your existence
to your self
and to others
Track Name: Let Us Consume
Away from a self-producing effort
-let us consume-
Away from an, at least, reasonable way of
choosing products
-let us consume-
let us consume
...our social views and ethics
let us consume
...and carry our heads into plastic bags
let us consume
...and feed mind patrol, mind control,
mind detention
...and choose corporate ''pills'' to create our
psychological profile
...and put us out from our lack of personal
let us consume, water, air, our whole attitude